Programs on Radio Jordan 96.3 fm

*Breakfast show : from Sunday to Thursday at 8-11 am

Live with Ghada Shaqdeeh, Rana Hasan , Safana Bustami

Local news, horoscopes, musical memories, health, and question of the day


*Health and Us:  Sunday at 11-11:30 am

Recorded program prepared and presented by Sawsan Batarseh

All about healh issues, nutrition, health life styles, and trending health matters


*The pressSunday at 12-12:10

Prepared and presented by Rabee' Hamamsah

Local, regional and international headlines and news


*French programing: from Sunday to Thursday at 1-3 pm

French music and French news


*Classical music Daily  at 3-4 pm

A selection of classical compositions by various composers


*French programming: Daily at 1-3 pm

French Music and French news


*Date with a star: Daily at 7;30-8 pm

Half an hour of one particular artist's songs and music


*The evening show: from Sunday to Friday  at 8-11 pm

An interactive show prepared and presented by Ghada Shaqdeeh, laith shanqiti , Rabee' Hamamsah, Safana Bustami and Rana Hasan ,  with phone calls and whatsapp and social media


*Tech Tak: Monday at 11-11:30

A recorded program prepared and presented by Mouayad Jaikat

All about gadgets and latest technology info and updated technological revolutions and apps


*80's music: Monday at 12-1 pm

A trip back in time to th best era in Music and reviving old memories with the best songs of that decade

prepared by Samer Hussein


*Circle of Life: Tuesday at 11-11:30

A recorded program prepared and presented by Sawsan Batarseh

Family issues,Mental health,child development,shools,Family circles


*Torque: Tuesday at 12-12:30

A recorded program prepared and presented by Mouayad Jaikat

All about cars and motors and latest technologies and innovations in the world of Motor


*Sugar and Spice: Tuesday at 6-7 pm

A recorded program prepared and presented by Rana Hasan

Beauty tips and beauty hacks,cuisine,DIY,

an all female in the world of health and beauty for the modern woman of today.


*Fame: Wednesday at 12-1pm

A program prepared and presented by Cynthia Latrash

Best of/First,most famous lists of various categories (music,food,movies,words..etc )


*Hummos and Falafel show: Friday at11-2 p

Live with Saffana Bustami

lively interactive show with the listeners and their choices of music


*RJ top ten: Friday at 1-2 pm

The top ten songs of Jordan as voted by the listeners

A weekly program charting the most popular songs of that week


*Oldies: Friday at 4-6 pm

Songs that go back to the 60's and 70's

Nostalgia on Radio Jordan to remind us all of the golden age of music


*The International hour: Friday at 6-7 m

A variety of internatinal songs from all over the world

Music from Greece,France,Italy,Spain and the Arab world


*Saturday Special: at 12-3 pm

A special weekend brunch show with a variety of selected songs

Prepared and presented by Safana Bustami


*Sports spin: Saturday at 5-6 pm

Live with Rabee' Hamamsah

A spin of latest round up of sports events,locally,regionally and Internationally


*The Saturday Rock show: at 8-11 pm

A highly popular show sepcialized in rok and metal music

prepeared and presented by Laith Shanqiti

Interactive with the listeners.

لا مانع من الاقتباس وإعادة النشر شريطة ذكر المصدر.